Group Lessons

by Melinda Bateman

UPPER HANDS PIANO: BOOK1 contains numerous elements that make it great for use in group piano classes. Here are just a few:


The book moves at a comfortable pace utilizing a progressive approach that should be comfortable for most older adults. Note reading and rhythms are drilled repeatedly and numerous songs are presented at the same level enabling students to play comfortably both alone and together in a group.


Many of the songs are familiar tunes from folk literature to light classical. Even though some might say that the use of familiar tunes puts the focus more on ear development, adults love to play these songs, and it can help make it easier for the groups to play and stay together. Also, they will probably have recollections and special memories associated with many of these songs which will help bring a sense of camaraderie to the class atmosphere.


There are a lot of technical exercises and drills. The emphasis in Book 1 is on learning the five finger patterns in all keys. Classes can play these together, legato, staccato, maybe even trying one hand legato while the other plays staccato! Playing with eyes closed is a great way to embed new musical concepts into longterm memory, and further develop the ear.


The other main technical element that is covered in book 1 is Triad Chord Drills, or as we refer to them CHORD CALISTHENICS. Students can be drilled in major, minor, diminished and augmented triads and use them in many of the pieces in the book.   In a class setting, one part of the class could play the right hand while the other plays the chords in the left hand. For supplementary assignments, by the time they are about ¾ of the way through the book, a supplementary fakebook could be introduced. Then, in addition to playing the pieces from the book, students could pick their own choice piece to learn and play for the class.


Finally, the book contains lots of brain puzzles, musical mind and math games, and quizzes that are fun and entertaining activities for students to take part in during class or as homework assignments to go over in the next class session. 

In Upper Hands Piano: BOOK 1,
students learn all of the basic chords right away
(which is something you can't find in any other 
piano method), 
so that they can play songs with chords quickly!

It's never too late to start playing the piano!

Upper Hands Piano: A Method for Adults 50+ to SPARK the mind, heart and soul
Upper Hands Piano: for Adults 50+ to spark the mind, heart and soul
This is an All-In-One Piano Book for mature adults, including lessons, theory, technique, chord symbols and brain games!
Adult Piano  Adult piano  Adult piano
This is an All-In-One Piano Lesson Book for mature adults, including lessons, theory, technique, chord symbols and brain games!