you learn inversions and "slash chords" symbols
(which is something you won't find in any other piano method), 
so that you can play popular songs in "fake books" 
and identify chord inversions in classical music
which is a great way to improve your reading skills
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Click to view Eine Kleine Nachtmusik II
Click to view Bass Note Limerick
Click to view Look For The Silver Lining
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This inexpensive little gadget is a MUST for holding your music books! The best price I have found is HERE
UPPER HANDS PIANO is an "all in one" piano method 
which includes lessons, theory, technique, 
chord symbols and brain games!
It's never too late to start playing the piano!
This is an instructional series for adults over or close to 50 who are beginners, or who played as children. We emphasize learning chords right away so that the student can enjoy playing music as soon as possible.